December 24, 2012

Poaching Ivory for Jihad

Another reason for libs to join against the Jihad, the killing of endangered species to finance Jihad. And by that I mean the purchase of actual assault weapons for Sharia Gangs to use to terrorize, rape and pillage the locals.

>Money Jihad:Sudanese Arab militiamen and Somali al-Shabaab terrorists are financing their jihad from poaching raids against the endangered wildlife of their mostly Christian neighbors.

The janjaweed poachers use the profits from massacring the African elephant to continue their massacres against black Africans in Darfur. The common link is their utter disregard for life and for the rule of law.

But don't look for the Neo-Commies to let on, I mean it exposes that the Jihad is financed by actual real communist China who is the largest trader of Ivory in the world.

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