December 23, 2012

MEMRI Research Fellow Mansour Al-Hadj Justifies Facebook Shutting Down Hizbullah, Taliban Pages

As you will note in the video they show one of Hamas' twitter accounts (@AlquassamBrigade). What's more, CloudFlare refuses to stop providing services to because censorship. This is what I received after I contacted them:

CloudFlare received your abuse report dated December 20, 2012 regarding:

Your abuse report was denied due to a lack of evidence. We cooperate with all appropriate law enforcement agencies where appropriate.

Please also review our stance on censorship:

God forbid they comply to US designating Hamas as a foreign terror org.(FTO). This brings to mind, why doesn't the State Dept. do something? There is no intel, nada to be had at Hamas websites, just terror propaganda.

Run Hizb'Allah Run! (BUMPED)

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