December 20, 2012

Arizona: Threat Stopped By Sheriff Deputies At Mesa's Red Mountain High School

"Mental Health issues", again, pops up.

On Twitter, Sheriff Joe linked to the press release, but it won't open. Others have the problem so it isn't just me.

My deputies made an arrest which may have saved Red Mountain high school from a dangerous situation. Read about it
I found some info at East Valley Tribune
...According to Sgt. Brandon Jones with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the 16-year-old girl is a student and teacher assistant at Red Mountain High School, near Brown and Power roads.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the girl had been asking her parents where the guns were kept in the house, so her father was "alarmed" and put trigger locks on each gun[smart father..ed][...]

Detectives also seized two computers in the home to process more evidence, Jones said.

The girl told detectives she had been planning this before the Connecticut school tragedy last week, Arpaio said.

In interviews with detectives, the girl's parents said she has a history of mental health issues and has been seen by a psychiatrist, according to Jones.[More...]

More at Arizona Centeral

Libs and bronco bama, GUNS! WEAPONS Ban GUNS! No! Our Mental Health System is a complete absolute failure thanks in part to the ACLU and bleeding heart liberals.

Thank goodness they stopped what would have been another tragedy if the girl was indeed serious about carrying it out. Hats off to the Toronto police for alerting Sheriff Joe and the MCPO.

Gallop: To Stop Shootings Americans Focus on Police, Mental Health, NOT Banning Guns

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