December 20, 2012

EU-Funded Palestinian NGO Glorifies Violence, Hijackings On PA TV Program For Youth


European-funded Palestinian NGO glorifies plane hijackings, terror,
and hatred of Israel and the US

Poem read by hosts of youth program on PA TV funded by the EU, the World Bank, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden

“Expect us always,
expect us where least expected.
We’re in every airport, and in every ticket…
A small rifle in the hand of a small boy
can kill the big one.”
Naturally they would fund this and look the other way, for now.

Two teenage hosts on the Palestinian Authority TV program for youth Speak Up, which is co-produced with the Palestinian NGO PYALARA, chose to read aloud a poem that glorified plane hijackings and threatened Israel and the United States[More...]
PYALARA's FB page hearts Pal-Paintball "It's not a game, it's a real live experience, try it now in Palestine". Practice makes perfect, or so they say.

Yeah, give 'em a state so Iran they can rid the world of the juice 'merikans and insert kafir/murtad people here_________. The end.

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