December 20, 2012

Israel: Shin Bet Allows Sneak Peak At New Cyber Warfare Unit

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The Force is strong with them

Some three months ago, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta accused Tehran of launching a series of cyber attack against US-based banks.

The assault prompted a broad legislative move by Israel to have the Shin Bet's cyber unit protect the country's critical online grids[...]

The new cyber unit is responsible for protecting all of Israel's national cyber infrastructure systems. It employs a group of talented young hackers, whose mission is to try and breach demo-grids akin to those used by banks, Israel Electric Corp, the Water Authority and so on.

The new division also houses a cyber-intelligence unit.

.....""What we do allows you to see an immediate impact and how we save people's lives.

"Wars can be waged from your keyboard," she added. "When I hit 'Enter' it's just as effective as a bullet."

I wonder cough what happened cough cough to the cough cough old one cough.

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