December 18, 2012

#FastAndFurious Gun Found At Site Where Mexican Beauty Queen Killed


20yr old Maria Susana Flores Gamez was killed on November 23rd in a shootout between soldiers and drug cartel.

Sharyl Attkisson at CBS should be commended for her excellent investigative journalism on Fast and Furious aka the Obama administration f**ks up tracking guns into Mexico by deliberately NOT tracking them and waiting for them to show up at crime scenes.


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A gun found at the scene of a shootout between a Mexican drug cartel and soldiers where a beauty queen died was part of the botched “Fast and Furious” operation, CBS News reports.

Authorities had said that Maria Susana Flores Gamez was likely used as a human shield and that an automatic rifle had been found near her body after the Nov. 23 shootout.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, tells CBS News that the Justice Department did not notify Congress that a Fast and Furious firearm was found at the scene in Sinaloa.

CBS News learned the Romanian AK-47-type WASR-10 rifle found near her body was purchased by Uriel Patino at an Arizona gun shop in 2010. Patino is a suspect who allegedly purchased 700 guns while under the ATF’s watch.[More...]

Of course Holder didn't notify Congress, he has a 2nd Amendment to take care of and this doesn't fit into his plans.

In other related news: Brian Terry family sues ATF officials in Fast and Furious

Update: EROWMER reminds me not to forget about the Sipsey Street Irregulars.[scroll down]. Without them, this story would have never gotten off the ground.

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