December 18, 2012

Dear Hamas, Pallywood & Free Free Palestine Groups Re: Mohammed Ziyad As-Salymeh

You are just as responsible for this teens death (besides his family). Teaching hate results in this:

@CaptainBarakRaz: Last Wed night a Palestinian male attacked a Border Policeman at a post in Hebron,pressing this "gun" to his throat...:
As you can see in the video below, which was recently released by the IDF, he appears to really want to be a "martyr" for the cause. His wish was granted:
@webradius: ==> @CaptainBarakRaz: (Cont'd) Watch security tape and ask yourself how you would react if this was your partner:


Meanwhile, Hamas (aka Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigade) has tweeted a 'wanted poster' of this most awesome female soldier. F**ck 'em:

@AlqassamBrigade: #Israeli female soldier who has killed the Palestinian minor Mohammed Ziyad As-Salymeh in Khalil city. #Hebron #Gaza

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Followers of Hamas gladly shared the image of the soldier, Google Mohammed Ziyad As-Salymeh...

Also, the kids uncle says:

Salayma's funeral was attended by around 2,000 people, an AFP correspondent said.

Salayma's uncle, Nasser, told AFP that the Israeli version of his nephew's death was "a fabrication."

"The plastic gun story isn't true and it is all fabrication," he said. Other relatives said Salayma was on his way to buy a birthday cake when the incident took place.

"Yesterday was his birthday and he celebrated it at school and was going to celebrate at home, but it never happened," Nasser al-Salayma said.

Human rights group furthers the bs:
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said its preliminary investigations showed Israeli forces "at the checkpoint were detaining a child, who had a plastic pistol" as Salayma approached.

When he reached the checkpoint, an Israeli border policewoman "fired at him from a close range... he was hit by three bullets," the group said.

After the incident, Palestinian activists identified the border policewoman and posted pictures of her on social media networks.

I may be wrong but I think the kid got his birthday wish to be a martyr for poor poor Palestine. Hamas got their wish also, propaganda.

Oh, btw: Dear Hamas, if my tweet brought you here, this is for you!


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