December 18, 2012

NBC Crew Escapes Captors

We reported yesterday that Richard Engel was thought to be held captive by terrorists from the Free Syrian Army. He and his crew were freed at a checkpoint run by another group of terrorists. There are also claims that the captors were Assad's terrorists, not our terrorists.

We're glad the NBC crew are safely out of Syria, too many danged old terrorists there.

Filed under Imperial Good News.

Update: Reading NBC's account of the kidnapping this morning Engel says that the kidnappers were operatives of the terrorist group Hizbollah. The confusion about which kind of terrorist these terrorists are comes from an earlier statement from NBC which incorrectly stated they were not Assad's terrorists.

Hizbollah, a specially designated terrorist group, gets most of its information services in the west despite sanctions and despite many complaints and pleas to take them down.

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