December 18, 2012

al-Shabaab Releases Statement on Abu Mansur Al-Amriki (Bumped Amriki Alive?!?!)

The terrorist group released a full translation in English via its HMS Press Office here on Twitlonger.

The series of video releases - one in March when the Kuffar were preparing to invade the Islamic Administrations in Lower Shabeelle region and another in October just after the Kenyans had invaded the port city of Kismayo, in Lower Jubba region - were intended to serve a broader purpose. Hence, the timing of the releases and the convergence of the entire East African nations upon the Mujahideen were not entirely coincidental occurrences but a calculated attempt to draw attention to the alleged voices of dissent within the ranks of the Mujahideen at a time when they were most likely to be under pressure from their enemies so as to cultivate the destructive seeds of disunity. But Allah is the best disposer of all affairs; the seeds failed to germinate ‘and the evil plot encompasses only him who makes it.’

The gist of it being that Omar Hammami is a traitor, a spy or both. Sewing "fitna" or conflict among the Mujahideen. That despite efforts to "counsel" Omar that he has refused.

The thought crimes listed in the statement would carry a penalty of death under the hard line Islamist interpretation of Sharia used by al-Shabaab. although it does not specify any punishment nor read very harshly like your typical Sharia death warrant.

We've no word on Hammami's fate.

Update by Howie 12/19/2012: It looks like Omar, wherever he is, is still kicking or at least he was 8 hours ago.

Little twitter spat there. I've that and one other claim he's alive. The twitter feed makes the claim that Shabaab will kill Omar and blame it on the US and Zionist forces in a false flag operation.

Well the narrative seems right anyway.

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The videos mentioned are here and here. Here is a Twitter feed known to be associated with Hammami as well as his Youtube Channel. His last known activity was Dec 10th on Twitter but its possible that another person other than Omar Hammami has access to that feed.

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