December 14, 2012

Islamists Suspected in Failed German Bomb Attack
Samir Khan: FAIL From Beyond the Grave

Image of a bomb detonator found in al Qaeda's Inspire magazine

A bomb failed to go off on a German train a couple of days ago saving the lives of scores of people. What the article below fails to mention is that the detonator actually went off, but it failed to ignite the explosives. Further, the bomb seems to have been made following the directions outlined in Samir Khan's Inspire magazine:

German prosecutors say they believe a radical Islamic terrorist group was behind an attempted bombing this week at a railway station in Bonn.

The device was found Monday and defused. It contained four butane gas cartridges, a metal pipe containing ammonium nitrate powder, three batteries and an alarm clock.

And why didn't the detonator do it's job? Bad construction. A Google translation of a der Spiegel article:
Probably the bomb was constructed incorrectly: instead of a so-called booster was just a hot wire was installed. Investigators in circles goes on to say, the bomb had not exploded despite ignition because the electricity from the batteries were too weak.
We're not 100% sure what happened. I'll note that the bomb squad detonated the device, so there's not a lot of forensic evidence left as to why precisely the bomb failed.

But my alternate theory isn't that the bomb-maker failed, it's that the bomb designer failed. Like a Jedi Master, Samir Khan has discovered a way to extend his FAIL beyond the grave.


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