December 13, 2012

Essay on The Persecution of the Baha段s in Iran

Mona Kashani Heern via WKMS:

Late last month, my uncle and five other Baha段s were taken from the town of Gorgan in Iran to Tehran痴 notorious Evin prison, where their fate remains a mystery. This latest round of persecution began the month before. I became aware of it on October 17, when I received a late night phone call informing me that my uncle, Kamal Kashani, was arrested along with a number of other Baha段s in Gorgan for being members of the Baha段 Faith, the largest non-Muslim religious minority in Iran.

The reports that followed in the next couple of days out of Iran were heart wrenching. They portrayed a picture of innocent Baha段s as young as 18 years of age being kidnapped, taken to unknown locations, and tortured to recant their Faith; of homes being plundered by the authorities; and government officials being unjustly harsh to the families of the captives. After 35 days of brutal treatment, my uncle and the five other Baha段s were transferred to Evin where their fate could be even worse.

Read or listen to the rest of this very excellent piece at the link.

Thanks to Chad.

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