December 13, 2012

Science: Islamists, Leftists Responsible For Most World Terror

Here's the 2012 Global Terrorist Index. And a little chart that I think just about sums it all up.


Right-wing terror would be included in the "other" category. The inference from these data being that although it is a problem, it is miniscule compared to the twin problems of violent Islamism and Marxism.

Here's another interesting graph:

Terror incidents by type: Religious, Political, Nationalist

I actually have a problem with the way they coded this. They included Chechen rebels as "nationalist". While clearly the struggle in Russia's Caucuses region started with nationalism, those fighting today are clearly jihadists.

But there is some good stuff in here, and there's no doubt where these data lead. I'd especially urge those interested to read the final essay in the report by Bill Braniff on why al Qaeda is just a small actor amongst a number of jihadist groups. Here's a teaser:

As a result, the al-Qa’ida organization does not currently claim the majority of our attention, except when another important cadre member is killed or captured. Instead, observers ponder the meaning of the continuous or frequently increasing levels of violence from other jihadist groups in the context of a post Arab-Spring world, despite the fact that the various narratives of the Arab Spring seem to undermine al-Qa’ida’s reliance on violence and its call to reestablish the caliphate as the governing structure for the Muslim nation. Additionally,individuals continue to join jihadist groups or plot violent attacks of their own volition.
The clear implication being that even if we were to defeat al Qaeda entirely, that the incidents of violent Islamism would not be greatly reduced.

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