December 13, 2012

Fatah's Political Leaders, Military Wing Really Do Heart Hamas..

Our hard earned tax dollars supporting terrorist, imagine that!

Via Palestian Media Watch

Fatah political leaders:
Abbas Zaki: “May Allah bless Hamas… Nothing matters to me now except Israel's defeat”

Jamal Muhaisen: “We praise and salute every hand that launched a rocket at Israel”
Nabil Shaath: "May Allah have mercy on the hero [Hamas’] Ahmed Al-Ja'abari"
Jibril Rajoub: “We will not return the sword to its sheath until there is a state”
Mahmoud Al-Aloul: Hopefully Arab Spring will create climate for Palestinian armed struggle

Fatah military wing:
We will continue “attacks until every last part of Palestine is liberated”
Armed struggle is “sole solution for liberating land and eradicating occupation”
We wanted “to respond and avenge his [Ahmed Al-Ja'abari’s] pure blood”

Official PA daily columnist:
"The Heroic performance [of Hamas and Islamic Jihad] succeeded in bombing operations inside Israel... The bombing of a bus [in Tel Aviv], injuring 20 people, [was] an act that baffled the Israeli leadership"The Palestinian Authority and Fatah condemned Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense that aimed at destroying Hamas’ terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. It never once condemned Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israel during the 8-day conflict.

Instead, senior PA and Fatah leaders “bless Hamas,” “praise and salute” the launching of rockets against Israel, and even advocate “armed struggle.”

Five Fatah Central Committee members have recently lauded Hamas and Islamic Jihad for their rocket attacks against Israel and/or promoted the use of armed struggle[...]


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