December 12, 2012

Mall Gunman ID'd: Jacob Tyler Roberts (UPDATED)

Jacob-Tyler- Roberts-oregon-mall.jpeg
Oregon Mall shooter ID'd as Jacob Tyler Roberts

The face of evil always looks so ... ordinary. Oregon Live:

Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, was the masked man who stormed into Clackamas Town Center Tuesday afternoon, fatally shooting two people and wounding another before turning a gun on himself, police said.
His only known run-ins with the law? Some unpaid speeding tickets:
Court records showed Roberts had two speeding tickets earlier this year. His Oregon driver's license was suspended this year, according to Oregon Department of Motor Vehicle records. He held a commercial driver's license which was also suspended.

Court records show that Roberts and a woman were evicted last summer from their Happy Valley apartment. The real estate management company declined to comment.

UPDATE: 17:30: I've been busy with finals, but Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder dropped the guy's Facebook page in the comments. It's definitely his page. Check it out while it lasts.

jacob tyler roberts facebook tats.jpg
Gunman's Facebook profile pic

After looking over all the photos, friends, comments, etc. it looks like this guy was just depressed and crazy. Nothing in it indicated any kind of extremism. Nothing. Nothing at all to link him to OWS. Not even guilt-by-association through his friends.

Here's a guy who "likes" shooting, South Park, and Tosh.0. What some of you are seeing as a keffiyah, I'm thinking ... no. If it is, I'm guessing he wouldn't know what it meant even if he had the scarf. Under "Books" he put "I don't read".

Yeah, this guy was deep.

He was last on Facebook on Dec. 7th, where he "friended" two guys and five girls. I'm guessing this guy was having some relationship problems.

His header is an image of graffiti that says "Follow your dreams" with a big "cancelled" banner over it. This guy had issues.

Probably the worst image he posted is going to be this one. Not that it's really telling, but it's going to be used by the usual crowd to advocate gun control.

jacob tyler roberts facebook shooting.jpg

So, it's not that there's nothing to see here. It's just that crazy + depressed seems to be the best explanation at this point. Sometimes people are just evil and they don't need an underlying ideology to motivate them.

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