December 12, 2012

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Enforcing Sharia

Because Allah gave rights above those of the Kuffar and Murtad.

A former Egyptian diplomat accuses the ruling Muslim Brotherhood of kidnapping and brutalizing him after last week‘s violence outside the presidential palace.

Negm — his face badly bruised, eyes bloodied and wrists scarred by rope burns — said Brotherhood members seized him and 50 other demonstrators outside the palace.

“They took my clothes (and) all of my belongings — my ID, my watch, my money,” he said.

The detainees were bound hand and foot, then beaten and threatened throughout the night.

“They stepped on my face and chest. They were telling us we were traitors, conspirators, infidels,” he said. “It was very shameful, very brutal.”

And we're delivering the first four of 20 F-16s to these people. Yep.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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