December 12, 2012

The Fall of the Last Gun Ban

The ruling heard round the world.

A US court has struck down an Illinois law that bans the carrying of concealed guns, the last full ban remaining in the country.

In a 2-1 ruling, the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals reversed lower court rulings on a lawsuit against the ban.

The court gave the Illinois legislature 180 days to write a law that legalises concealed weapons

The law was draconian, in Illinois not only are you required to pass a background check and have no felonies ever to own a firearm, the restrictions on transportation were draconian. All weapons had to be cased and unloaded. Preferably in the trunk. Even so the state had made any violation of these laws felonious, for instance a bird hunter forgets to jack a shell out of his shotgun that is cased and in the trunk, a felony which then voided all his gun and hunting rights period. Same with an out of state CC permit holder, once he crossed the state line he was an instant felon.

The law used to have a misdemeanor level charge but was changed to a felony by the state's Democrats in a bid to stop folk in Chicago from killing each other. It didn't work, but it made a lot of money and created a lot of downstate felons. No word on if any of those convictions will be affected.

Given Illinois record expect... 1 appeal to the SCOTUS, a bill with the most possible restrictions they can think that gives no amnesty to those any of those convicted under the old unconstitutional law. And a lot of kicking and screaming from Chicago and upstate.

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