December 11, 2012

Michigan: Union Goons Tear Down, Slash Tent Filled With People (Updated)

Without any concern for the people inside, union goons tore down an AFP tent and then slashed it to pieces during a protest in Lansing, Michigan. Police were nearby, but feared the mob and did nothing. Even as people were trapped under it, these union animals began jumping on and slashing the tent.

The tent was owned by Americans For Prosperity Michigan Chapter.

This attack comes on the heels of Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss promising "there will be blood":

Just don't expect the violence to end with a tent.

UPDATE: Steven Crowder was punched several times as he tried to report about the tent being destroyed. There was blood, but fortunately very minor. But I doubt the violence is over.

UPDATE II: White House refuses to condemn Geiss' "there will be blood" comments. Spokesman Jay Carney says the comment is open to interpretation.

UPDATE III: Steven Crowder just uploaded video of union thugs attacking him. It isn't pretty. View it HERE. (I'm also adding it below the fold.)

Below the fold, a screenshot of Michigan House Democrats' tweet repeating Geiss's "there will be blood" comments. @MIHouseDems later deleted the tweet.


Update by SH: Michelle Malkin: Video gallery of union thuggery in Michigan

Also, from BigG: MI Right to-Work Battle: Union Members Shout Down Tea Party Counter-Protest

Update II by SH: With Right-to-Work Being Protested in Michigan, Liberal Media Avoids the Other Side of the Story

Right-to-work legislation has passed in Michigan, despite the vociferous protests of bused-in union protesters in Lansing and sympathetic coverage from the liberal media, who have portrayed right-to-work as a blow to "union rights" as well as a "politically unnecessary" and "divisive" move by Republicans who control the state legislature and governor's mansion in a state that went strongly for Obama last month.

But there is another side of the story, which the liberal media outlets are seemingly ignoring. The Michigan-based conservative think tank called the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has not only published persuasive and thoroughly-researched reports advocating for the right-to-work policy, they are doing their best to inform the public with the facts and figures that the majority of the media refuses to acknowledge, much less verify.

For example, Mackinac has reported on how the public employees union SEIU has skimmed off the dues from its ailing and disabled clients' Medicaid subsidy checks to the tune of $33 million since 2006. The vast majority of which has been used solely for political advocacy.[More...]

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