December 11, 2012

Al Qaeda Cleric Abu Qatada's Life of Luxury Among the Brits

Abu Qatada Al-Falastin, who is on the U.S. list of specially designated global terrorists, continues to fight extradition to Jordan on terror charges. In the mean time, the terrorist recruiter complained about people holding protests by his home so the gov moved him to another luxury home at a undisclosed location.

Abu-Qatada.jpg The 52-year-old Islamic fanatic is fighting deportation to Jordan on terror charges — and it was hoped he was being put on a plane to the Middle East.

But instead he is believed to have been handed an even larger gaff in London with his wife and five children after leap-frogging to the top of the waiting list.

The terror suspect said he needed to escape demonstrations over his marathon fight to avoid being booted back to his native Jordan[...]

Extremist Islamic cleric Qatada — once described by a judge as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe” — was first arrested in Britain in 2002.

He has dodged deportation by claiming prosecutors may use evidence gained through torture.

He was released from jail last month after winning his latest court battle with Home Secretary Theresa May.

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The Sun wants to know where he went:
- HAS Qatada moved in next door to you? Call our newsdesk on 020 7782 4103.
Hopefully, someone will know where he went.

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