December 10, 2012


I saw a tweet by Hamas ( @AlqassamBrigade) to a video about Israeli soldiers "running away" from rock throwing protesters:

I thought WTF? Is Israel so afraid of what the media will say that soldiers have been ordered to retreat when confronted?

JPost, sorta, explained the above

The IDF is investigating two separate incidents over the weekend involving army units in the West Bank coming under attack by large Palestinian mobs and retreating from the area.

Palestinians have made videos of both incidents, one from Hebron and one from Kfar Kadum, available.

An IDF spokeswoman said the filmed incidents were under investigation by senior commanders in the field. “The IDF will continue to protect the residents of the State of Israel,” she added.

Central Command officers have identified a sharp rise in the number of violent disturbances in the West Bank in recent weeks, resulting in a call to forces to increase awareness at all levels.

Soldiers have complained that rules of engagement, which call for restraint but allow shots to be fired in case of an immediate threat to life, are too foggy to be applied clearly.[More...]

Like I said, disturbing.

A friend of Jawa Report, Kenny, also is wondering WTF is going on.

Update: Pallywood? A comment by Rob got me thinking about it.

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