December 10, 2012


A must read at the Daily News Egypt by Egyptian blogger Mahmoud Salem aka @Sandmonkeysandmonkey_2.jpg

Imagine sitting at a friend’s house, watching the president address the nation after a week long crisis, with his supporters just the night before opening fire on civilian protesters in Heliopolis in horrifying clashes that spanned the whole day. Imagine finding out that he issued the illegal constitutional declaration that enflamed and divided the entire country, because- and I quote- one of the suspects in the Camel incidents, who was declared innocent by the courts, had a meeting with 3 other unnamed people in his office.

The president that has under him state security, general intelligence, military intelligence, the Ministry of Justice, the police and the general prosecutor’s office declaring that he had no choice but to issue this declaration because four people had a meeting. And then, as he swipes the page of his speech on his IPad, he instinctively licks his finger first as if he is turning a paper page. Imagine.

Imagine that this president saw that the situation was so urgent, he called for a national dialogue meeting with the opposition in two days to resolve the crisis, one that all of his allies and none of the opposition attend, and he walks in, talks for 5 minutes, then leaves the dialogue he called for immediately, telling people to talk to his VP and that he is leaving to guarantee the “neutrality of the dialogue”.

Imagine that his group’s uber-intellectual, Fahmy Howeidy, shortly after also leaves because he had another important meeting to attend, and that this group of clowns come with a solution after midnight that isn’t a solution, drafted by ex-presidential candidate Selim Al-Aawa, who wrote the Sudanese constitution that eventually led to Sudan getting divided into two countries. They fronted that guy. Just Imagine.

Imagine that the next day, you are no longer greeted with the president’s face, but with those of the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his second man Khairat El-Shater, who both hold press conferences defending the president in hiding, while the army builds walls around the Presidential Palace.

Imagine watching the Supreme Guide claiming that all who died in the clashes are Muslim Brotherhood, despite there being dead Christians in the clashes, and El-Shater talking about how hard it is to get investment into this country and blaming the whole crisis on the Christians and the Church. Imagine knowing that those are the people who run the Order that is running your country at the moment. Imagine.


He is a friend of the Jawa Report so please read it all, he tells it like it is.

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