December 10, 2012

Former Senior US Official: 'Killing Palis Popular in Israel Around Election Time'..(Video)

No better place for this gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, to state his anti-Jewish views than on Russia's TV station:

Via The Jewish Press:

'No rockets where fired into Israel before the snuff of Hamas leader', what? An anti-tank missile hit a IDF jeep. I guess that doesn't count. Also, if I remember right, 800 rockets were fired into Israel before Israel started their op against Hamas. Hamas hides among the civilian population in Gaza so IDF drops leaflets warning residents to get away from them. Target civilians? Really? How very Pallywood of Freeman.

Hamas tweeted constantly during Pillar of Defense how they targeted Israeli civilians as all Israelis are their enemy. Their chants, From the river to the sea Palestine will be free, is their sole purpose...the total destruction of Israel.

He also said Israel chose a biblical name for their operation "Pillar of Defense". The Jewish Press notes the names are chosen by computer:

It should be noted that the names of IDF operations are generated by computer, chosen from a bank of random words, and not picked by rabbis for their religious implications. Freeman would have to explain the biblical significance of Operation Summer Rains (28 June – 26 November 2006), Operation Autumn Clouds (31 October–7 November 2006), Operation Orchard (6 September 2007), and Operation Sea Breeze (31 May 2010).
No Arab lobby? I beg to differ, he knows damn well about the Arab lobby. Discover the Networks has a excellent breakdown of their structure

He also stated the media is pro-Israel, oh really? Like al-Reuters, A(associated)P(press of terrorists)? CNN? WaPo? NYTimes? al-Jazeera? BBC? Guardian? Haertz? I could go on and on. Very few media outlets report truthfully when it comes to Israel.

Related, the real story behind Freeman's withdrawal to chair the National Intelligence Council: Charles Freeman Pulls Out.

Update: Via Rubin Reports. Dispelling the "election myth" Freeman spoke of: Israel's Motives Behind the Gaza War - True and False

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