December 08, 2012

Stop the Occupation of .... Kurdistan

How come the UN spends so much time on the Palestinian "problem" when it spends precisely zero time on so many other "occupations"?

For instance, the Kurds are a stateless people who are not Arabs. This is unlike the Palestinians who are ethnically & linguistically no different than Jordanians, Syrians, or Egyptians. Palestinians are simply Arabs in areas once claimed by Arab countries but which got their asses kicked and were forced to renounce those claims.

The Kurds are not just our allies -- through mutual interest -- they are our friends. Want to meet a population of Muslims who love America and hates Islamism? Go to Kurdistan.

And if we are were a better friend, we'd immediately recognize a separate Kurdish state. But that's not going to happen.

Maybe we can get Israel to invade Kurdistan so there would be immediate outrage and UN recognition? Think of it like a friendly lawsuit, where those being invaded actually collude with the invaders.

Hey, it could happen:

A hundred miles from Baghdad, tanks are facing off across a frontline defined not by an international border but by ethnic enmity, fuelled by past bloodshed and future oil wealth, that risks tearing Iraq apart. The sun-blazoned flag of Kurdistan flies from the turrets of Soviet-built armoured vehicles, seized a decade ago from Saddam Hussein’s army, their barrels now aimed at the unseen forces of Iraq’s national government on the far side of Tuz Khurmato, a town beyond the formal boundary of the Kurds’ autonomous region.

For three weeks, Kurdish “peshmerga” and soldiers of Baghdad’s Arab army, have been reinforcing positions in the “disputed territories”, a long, ill-defined swathe of northern Iraq, rich in oil and communal complexity, where the federal government and Kurdish leaders based in Erbil vie for control.

I get why we wanted to keep Iraq together while we were still there. But now that we're gone, the only thing holding us back are ... the Turks? Turkey is important to us .... why, again?

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