December 07, 2012

Film Questions Religious Leader, Terror Level Raised

Remember how the US raised the terror level after all those anti-Mormon films? Seriously, just do a YouTube search for "Joseph Smith fake prophet" and there are dozens of hits. There are no riots in Utah. No one is concerned about the Salt Lake federal building being bombed.

BELGIUM has raised its terror threat level to the second-highest ahead of the release of a new home-made film on the internet next week criticising the Prophet Mohammed.
Yet, even with this level of hypocrisy in the mainstream narrative you know what bothers me the most? The fact that every news agency -- every single one -- uses the term "the Prophet Mohammad". As if Muhammad's prophethood was an empirical fact.

No one prints "the prophet L. Ron Hubbard". No one ever prints "the prophet George W. Armstrong". It's only Mormons who say "the Prophet Joseph Smith." To the media hes' "the Mormon Prophet" or "Joseph Smith, who Mormon's believe was a Prophet". Which is perfectly appropriate.

It's only Muhammad who is "the Prophet". I go back and forth on this as to motivation, and it's quite possible that members of the media have multiple reasons for doing this.

Part of it is the Leftist tendency to give passes to the out group. In this case, Muslims are the "powerless".

Part if it might just be to avoid the hassle. If you don't call Muhammad "the Prophet" then you are subject to the letter writing ire of the religion-of-perpetutal-outrage.

But you know what? Part of it is fear.

The very thing they do out of fear is evidence of the very thing they are trying to cover up. And that speaks volumes.

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