December 07, 2012

She Wanted Holy War ... But Ended Up a Maid, a Cook, & a Sex Slave

An interesting article about the Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose conspiracy to kill Lars Vilks. I can't say I agree with all of the conclusions, but there's some interesting material here. This part sticks out about co-conspirator Jamie Paulin Ramirez:

Ramirez, a lonely Colorado woman known as Jihad Jamie, headed to Europe to train for holy war. She was lured to Ireland by a Muslim man promising a pious, married life but soon came to believe that all he really sought was a cook, a maid and a sex slave.
It reminds me of that old Black Panther joke.

Q: What's a woman's position in the revolution?
A: Prone.

Oh, I forgot. That wasn't a joke.

PS-- I just remembered I was interviewed for this article. It's been a few months, so I kind of put it out of my mind. I'm not quoted. The author wanted to get together and talk, but it never really worked out given he wanted to come to me and I wanted to stay anonymous.

A second part in the series will be published tomorrow. Here's another excerpt. It's at this point that the YouTube Smackdown peeps (including Howie and Stable Hand) dropped the dime on Jihad Jane:

By summer 2008, LaRose was posting jihadist videos on YouTube and MySpace. She used various names online, including Sister of Terror, Ms. Machiavelli and Jihad Jane. During the next year, she exchanged messages with avowed jihadists - people with codenames such as Eagle Eye, Black Flag, Abdullah and Hassan -- as well as with a woman in Colorado who seemed a lot like her.

LaRose didn't try to hide her posts. She didn't know how....

She asked what she could do to help.

His first request seemed innocent enough: Send money to your Muslim brothers and sisters, he told her. So she did, dipping into cash that her boyfriend gave her.

LaRose knew that sending money to people who might be jihadists could be illegal, but who was watching her?

She actually posted a request for money for the mujahideen on her YouTube account. That's when those of us who had been following her antics knew she had crossed a line.

There's lots more in the story including: her DD boob job bought for her by her longtime boyfriend, the fact that she really was a prostitute in her youth.


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