December 06, 2012

Shocking NPR Notices Arab al-Qaeda Budding in Arab Spring


The Pentagon's top lawyer has talked about how the U.S. would deal with terrorism after al-Qaida's core was defeated. But experts say the talk is premature. The Arab Spring has helped al-Qaida affiliates proliferate over the past year. And while they might not be able to pull off large scale attacks, they are still a very real threat.
If you listen to the entire story its pretty good and features Bruce Hoffman, who is familiar to long time Jawa Readers.

Its nice to see NPR notice even though the words Libya, Benghazi nor Obama are mentioned. Which is kind of odd, I mean should we not look critically at our current foreign policy's role, Obama's foreign policy, in these issues?

*How silly of me, this is all Booosh's fault.

* Wow the NYT's too, why are they suddenly throwing Obama under the bus?

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