December 05, 2012

Hamas: "Beware Soldiers on the Gaza Border'..

[Image credit: Zionist Bandwidth Bitch]

Hamas is skeeerd of female Israeli soldiers!

Security sources disclosed belonging to the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip intensified unit "Karkal" Israeli - predominantly female - of its work on the eastern border of the sector in order to blackmail the Palestinians and trying to overthrow in resolving employment.
Googlish didn't make much sense but what they are saying is that the females are "seducing" the prospective mujahideen by being 'uncovered'. Females should only have their eyes showing and stuff, like in those black flowing garbage bags that have eye slits.[That reminds me, I will do the fatwas tomorrow]

Anyway, Hamas mujaidiots are, filll in the blank,_______!

Update: Here are some of the women Hamas are afraid of:


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