December 05, 2012

Chickens Coming Home to Roost in Pakistan

The Pakistanis have supported terrorists in Indian Kashmir for decades. But over the last few years the number of terrorist incidents in Kashmir have fallen dramatically. So, where have all the Pakistani backed militants gone? They've turned their guns on the people who bought them:

The easiest answer is that they turned against Pakistan and are now called, the “Punjabi Talibans” who are on a killing rampage all over Pakistan with the Pakistani version of Taliban, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Today, Pakistan faces one of the deadliest decades in its history with over 40,000 Pakistani civilian and military men killed by al-Queda and its affiliates, the TTP, the Punjabi Talibans and sectarian outfits after 9/11 alone. We fell prey to the temptation of nurturing militancy in the name of Islam and thought this to be an easy option as a means of promoting our strategic goals in the region, particularly in Afghanistan and India.

Most Pakistanis called it ‘Jihad’ and paid the Jehadis after every Friday prayers at hundreds and thousands of mosques all over Pakistan… obviously the intention was to mobilise and motivate our great, “martial” Pakistani Army and irregular armed forces (Mujahideens) of all kinds in the name of Islam.

An excellent analysis. We might also learn a thing or two about losing the long game in the name of short term goals.

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