December 05, 2012

JTTF Investigating Casa Grande, AZ Social Security Office Bomber

He could just be crazy, but it looks like the FBI are treating an Iraqi refugee, Abdullatif Aldosary, who bombed the Phoenix Casa Grande Social Security building last week as a potential terrorist. In addition to a bomb making guide (which you'd expect to find regardless of motivation) the FBI also discovered the supposedly destitute refugee had $20k in the bank.

It must be nice being a refugee in the US these days. Either that, or he's plugged into a network ....

I've no idea what motivated Aldosary, but you'd think this would get at least some headline media coverage.

Further, keep in mind that mentally disturbed and motivated by violent ideologies are not mutually exclusive categories. The media and the powers-that-be like to promote a narrative that any person with even a modicum of mental illness is solely motivated by that illness. That is, it's the mental illness to blame. When, in fact, some people are both mentally unstable and sympathetic to terrorist ideologies.

On the other hand, when the ideology subscribed to by the mentally disturbed person is associated with the Right --- then it's the ideology to blame. See, for instance, the treatment of Anders Breivik who is clearly insane but who was also motivated by his anti-Islam ideology. In his case, it is the ideology that comes under scrutiny.

When a crazy Muslim acts violently? It's mental illness to blame.

Remember: it's not a double standard when they have no standards at all.

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