December 06, 2012

Run Hizb'Allah Run! (BUMPED)


While some European countries have not recognized Hizbullah as a terrorist organization, the U.K. and Netherlands, like the U.S., officially classify it as a terrorist organization. The U.K. lists Hizbullah's military wing as a terrorist group, while the Netherlands, like the U.S., does not distinguish between Hizbullah's political and military wings and considers the entire group to be a terrorist organization.

Notably, in January 2006, Netherlands officials blocked Al-Manar satellite broadcasts to the country, and formally banned the channel. As recently as August 9, 2012, at the sidelines of EU Foreign Ministries meeting in Cyprus, the British and Netherlands governments called on the entire EU to follow their lead and designate Hizbullah an official terrorist organization and to impose sanctions on its military wing.

However, the primary servers for Al-Manar's Internet domain,, are currently located in the U.K. and Netherlands.

MEMRI has contact information for all the hosts at their post.

A better strategy would be to enforce the sanction against al-Manar's DNS record. Since Hezbollah is a specially designated terrorist group in both the Netherlands, the US and the UK it is those nations' responsibility to freeze the asset. Which is currently valued at some $16,328USD.

The DNS record is controlled by, get this, American University in Lebanon.

American University of Beirut
organisation: Computing and Networking Services
address: Bliss Street
address: P.O. Box 11.0236
address: Beirut
address: Lebanon

contact: technical
name: Randy Bush
address: PO Box 128
address: Kapa`au Hawai`i 96755
address: United States

So not only is the US capable of freezing Hizbollah's DNS records. US law requires that we do so. Allowing the site to remain for tactical intelligence purposes is well you know, just what pussies do.

Update: If you chose to write complaints to the hosting providers listed at MEMRI or to American University's technical crew about the terrorist group Hezbollah, might was well throw in that the Syrian Regime and Hezbollah are close pals. That they support Assad's butchery of his own people (alcoughqaedahack). That ought to cross a few wires in their pea brains.



is dead. Thanks to Randy (I think)

However.. is still up. Same registrar at American university controls that DNS record as well.

So don't stop now boys and girls.

Update: Randy the technical contact for Hezbollah's DNS record responds to our request that www. DNS record be frozen, while also expressing support for those folks loading chemical weapons into rockets as we speak.


Go Fuck ourselves? Now that's not very nice. Not very nice at all. What other causes does Randy support? Porn, child porn.


Randy works for the Internet Initiative Japan.

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