December 04, 2012

Democrats May Be Given Chance to Vote for Actual Traitor

Can any one say Hope, Change -- Manning '16?

In his first public appearance outside the military courtroom where Private First Class [Bradley] Manning's case is being heard, defence counsel David Coombs said his client wanted to "perhaps one day run for public office"....

Mr Coombs said that Pfc Manning wanted to go to university and after that "join some sort of campaign group, go into public service and perhaps one day run for public office".

Speaking in front of two campaign-style posters of his client, Mr Coombs said that Pfc Manning was determined to "make a difference" in the world.

Making a difference? Sure, like putting the lives of Americans and American allies at risk.

There are two types of traitors. The first sells out his country for money. That is the typical Hollywood traitor. See Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for your classic sell out your country for money traitor.*

The second type of traitor is more typical. This is the highly educated, I'm smarter than the rest of you traitor. This kind of traitor convinces himself that their act of treason is really an act of patriotism. An example here would be someone who gave the Soviets nuclear secrets because those idiots in Washington didn't realize that without a balance of power we're all doomed!

Bradley Manning is of the latter sort. The traitor who tells himself that giving away the names of those helping us in the war on terror so that the Taliban or al Qaeda could track them down and kill them was really a good thing for America, because the war on terror was just a pretense for the military industrial complex yada yada yada.

It wasn't treason, see, it was patriotism. And there's a sizeable contingent on the Left that buys into this mindset. So, if and when Bradley Manning runs for, say, Congress, his act of treason will be portrayed as an act of heroism.

And if he loses in the Democratic primary in a liberal district it won't be because he's a traitor. It will be because he's, well, see for yourself.


*Warning: Seeing this movie may be hazardous to your health and may cause you to want to either kill yourself, kill George Lucas, or a combination of the two.

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