December 04, 2012

Egypt: Morsi Flees Palace Amid Protests

I am Allah, I swear

Run, Islamist dictator, run like your cornhole depended on it!

Follow a friend of The Jawa Report, well known Egyptian blogger @Sandmonkey for updates.

Also, Twitter hashtags #Egypt and #Tahrir

Update: Protester holding a sign, "Obama Your Bitch Is Our Dictator'", outside the presidential palace:


Well, bronco bama did bypass Congress to give the Muslim Brotherhood more of our hard earned tax monies, invited Morsi to the WH during Egypt's prez elections, so...

Normally, I wouldn't like someone from another country saying negatives about my president. The fact that bronco supported the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi in Egypt's elections makes the above sign make sense. Not that I approve, but...

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