December 03, 2012

Four Foreign Trained Islamists Jailed in Azerbaijan for Eurovision Terror Plot

Doorway to the Ministry of Terrorism

[Image credit: Zionist Bandwidth Bitch]

Mad Mullah terror plot foiled:

BAKU - Four foreign-trained Islamists were sentenced to up to 14 years in jail in Azerbaijan on Monday for plotting "terrorist attacks" on the eve of this year's Eurovision song contest in Baku, the latest crackdown on militancy in the oil-rich state.

After 70 years of Soviet-rule, most Azeris have a relaxed attitude towards religion, but Azerbaijan, a NATO ally bordering Iran on the Caspian Sea, says it is combating increasing Islamist extremism with ties to Tehran.

A court official who declined to be named told Reuters the four were sentenced to between 12 and 14 years in jail for crimes including treason, plotting terrorist attacks, arms smuggling and having links with Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Security forces killed the group's alleged leader in an operation in April and the other members of the group were arrested a month before Baku hosted Eurovision in May.

Gee, Tehran/Iranian Revolutionary Guards keep popping up in terrorism cases. You would think Iran was a state sponsor of terrorism. Oh, wait...

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