December 03, 2012

Hungary: Anti-Nazi, Anti-Jobbik Protests Held In Budapest

Update on Budapest - Anger As Hungary Far-Right Leader Demands Lists Of Jews

Apparently Marton Gyongyosi, a deputy of the far-right Jobbik party, tried to change the conversation in saying he was only talking about Israelis and not all 'Jewish people" What?

Via Jn1

Around 10,000 people have taken to the streets in Budapest in protest over what many see as a resurgence of neo-Nazi ideologies in government just days after a far-right MP belonging to the ultranationalist Jobbik party accused Hungary’s Jewish population of posing a national security risk, and called for them to be registered on special lists.

In a rare show of unity on Hungary’s deeply divided political scene, civil rights groups and party leaders from across the spectrum came together for the rally, which was held outside the main parliament building. During the protest, organisers played scenes from a 1944 film about World War Two, in which around 600,000 Jews and 30,000 Roma were killed by Hungarian fascists.[More...]

Hungary 'abstained' during voting at the UNGA's vote on giving the Palestinian Authority non-state observer status.

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