December 02, 2012

Al Shabaab 'Warns' Dutch Parliament Over Blasphemy


Al-Shabaab plans to strike the Dutch Parliament, after the country’s legislators abolished blasphemy.

Announcing the decision last Friday, Sheikh Fuád Mohamed Khalaf Shongole, the Chief propagandist of the radical Islamist group in Somalia, warned that the consequences of the legislator’s decision will be major.

He was reacting to a recent decision by the Dutch Parliament that insulting God will no longer be a crime in the Netherlands, revoking a decades-old blasphemy law from the statute books.

“Nobody can portray the figure of Allah (God),” said Sheikh Shongole through the media supporting his movement. “We are going to respond to such decision.”

“Nobody can portray the figure of Allah (God)”? Really?
How about this, bitches:


And Mohammed

And Mohammed


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