December 02, 2012

Jewish NGO at UNGA for PA Vote..

"It felt like once again it was us against the world

“When Mahmoud Abbas came out the entire room was cheering like Jesus himself had just got up on the stage, like a rock star had just come out.”

This is the description Natalie Solomon, manager of the Israel Programs of Taglit-Birthright‘s Alumni Community, gives of Mahmoud Abbas’s entry into the UN General Assembly Hall Thursday. She was the leader of the small group of young Israel supporters who were originally refused admission to the assembly hall at Thursday’s “The Question of Palestine” debate that concluded in a vote to upgrade the status of the Palestinian Authority to non-member status.

In the end the group was allowed into the hall–sort of[...]

“We found ourselves in a sea of Palestinian supporters – including the 100 brought in by the UN’s own Division for Palestinian Rights. (In total there were about 320 seats in the visitor’s gallery, with some reserved for members of the press),” Bayefsky added. Revealingly, during Abbas’ lengthy speech the outbursts of clapping across the gallery would commence **before the translation of the Arabic sentence into other languages had finished. It was an exercise in what one might call Benghazi-style spontaneity,” she concluded.

Solomon said that while the crowd cheered for Abbas, “when the Israel ambassador was speaking you could hear a pin drop. There were two or three points when we clapped and afterward we stood up and gave him a standing ovation.”

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**A commenter noted this about the what Abbas was saying in "Arabic". I am unsure if it was in a radio broadcast or at the UNGA-
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas succeeded in his appeal at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Nov. 29, to upgrade the status of the PLO as an “observer state’ at the UN.

All presentations that Abbas made to his people in the Arabic language made it clear that his concept of an “observer state” will include all of Palestine, “from the river to the sea”, in accordance with the PLO Covenant, which was never cancelled.[...]

Continued below fold:

PBC, the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation Radio Station, the official voice of the Palestinian Authority.

PBC Broadcast: 29/11/2012

Time: 0845 AM

“Today the whole world recognizes the criminality of the occupation, the existence of a Palestinian State. Everyone except the United States, which has prevented Palestinian aspirations in the past, and Micronesia, a country of only 30 kilometers.

Today is a proud day to be a Palestinian, and we must be united. Today we take the first step towards ending the occupation, and reclaiming our homeland, from Gaza, to Nablus, Jerusalem, Haifa, Afula, all of Palestine.

We will use our newfound recognition to hold the occupation accountable for its crimes against humanity in the past two weeks.

We are all one Palestine, and now more than ever we must be united because this is the beginning of the end of the occupation.

Our brothers in Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Gaza, we now all speak with one voice”.

Now is the time to stop US aid to the Palestinian Authority[PA]. If you so choose to demand no more of our hard earned tax dollars go to the PA, here is some info:
It is up to US citizen to write to every members of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the US House Foreign Relations Committee,[members of both committees listed on the internet] to demand a suspension of US aid to the Palestinian Authority, as a response to their heinous action at the East River today.

The Capitol switchboard number is: 202-224-3121. You can reach your representatives this way. The comment line for the White House is: 202-456-1111;1414. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG, PRESIDENT ISRAEL ADVOCACYTASK FORCE

Now, what are we gonna do about the f'n UN?

Oh, and Xariif: F**k you bitch! You aren't welcome here.

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