November 30, 2012

Good News! Hamas and al-Qaeda Bury The Hatchet in Gaza

al-Qaeda was formed as a branch of Egyptian Islamic Jihad which has a sister group called, you guessed it Palestinian Islamic Jihad, because they found both the Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad lacking a commitment to violent Jihad.

Klein Online: Hamas has formed a common committee with al-Qaida-linked groups in the Gaza Strip to strategize the coordination of infiltrating weapons into Gaza, according to informed Israeli security sources.

The sources noted that after Israel’s campaign in Gaza two weeks ago – which ended with a U.S. and Egypt-brokered cease fire – Hamas immediately freed from its jails scores of members of al-Qaida and the related Jihadiya Salafiya terrorist groups.

Of course the conditions of the cease fire were to be that Hamas and other jihadi groups would not re-arm, but that's their very first priority. I mean, you didn't really believe that shit did you?

Hat Tip: Yid With Lid.

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