November 28, 2012

When Deranged Homeowners And Youthful Criminals Collide

Damn it, I don't know which side I have more sympathy for!

Smith was sitting in his basement when he heard footsteps around his house leading him to believe someone was attempting to get inside. Smith heard a window break in the upstairs of his residence and then footsteps walking down the hall. Smith said he shot Schaeffel as he was descending the basement stairs, then fired again into the teen’s face as he lay on the floor looking at him. Smith was quoted in the complaint as telling an investigator, “I want him dead.”

Smith told investigators that he put Nicholas Brady Schaeffel’s body on a tarp and dragged the body into his basement workshop before returning to his chair.

A few minutes later, Smith said he once again heard footsteps on the main floor of his home and then saw Haile Kifer descending his basement stairs. Smith waited until Kifer was halfway down the steps and then shot her. He said Kifer tumbled down the steps to the basement floor. Smith attempted to fire another shot at Kifer, however his mini 14 rifle jammed and he was unable to. Smith told investigators that Kifer laughed at him and acknowledged that her laughter upset him.

“If you’re trying to shoot somebody and they laugh at you, you go again,” Smith said in the complaint.

Smith then pulled a .22 caliber revolver he was carrying and shot Kifer several times in the chest. [...]

Smith said he then dragged Kifer’s body into the office workshop and placed her body next to Schaeffel. Smith said that Kifer was still gasping for air so he shot her under the chin in what he described as “a good, clean finishing shot.” (Source)

If I had to choose, I think it would be on the side of the homeowner. The guy is clearly disturbed, but his disturbed state of mind wasn't bothering anyone until they illegally invaded his home.

If you are a burglar, 9 times out of 10 you will encounter an empty home or passive, frightened residents. If the one time its Leatherface, well that's the gamble you took when you decided to break and enter.

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