November 27, 2012

Egypt: The Game No One Wins

A well known Egyptian blogger Mahmoud Salem's (aka @Sandmonkey) take on the unrest happening over Pres Morsi's decreeing himself total power over the Egyptian people.

As the country continues to be horrified over the events of the past few days, and braces itself for the “epic showdown” that is supposed to take place on Tuesday, I find myself, as always, in awe of this country and what happens in it.

The nature and the rapid pace of developments that took place over the past few days tells me that this country and revolution will continue to surprise me for a long while to come. I have spent the past year and a half studying other revolutions and their history, and let me assure you, what’s happening here has not happened in the history of any revolution before. Egyptians, you are still pioneers; pat yourselves on the back.

We have a president who, after some praise from Obama over resolving this week’s episode of the Gaza crisis, decided that he will grant himself the power to do anything he wants in the land, and then the consequences. The consequences are what’s new:

1) Clashes over the decision erupt all over Egypt, and not just Cairo as usual

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