November 21, 2012


Finally Obamacare is being implemented.

Your Flexible Spending limits, that is the amount of medical expenses you can exempt from taxes, you know that card you use to pay all your deductibles and prescription co-pays with will be reduced to $2500 per year. Also if you want to pay for your prescriptions with it you now also have to have a "statement of medical necessity" to pay those.

A tax increase and some red tape, that was one of those "popular parts"?

Also the administration is working with doctors to agree on a drug testing regime for tobacco products, no not for smoking, for all tobacco products. The tests will be part of your routine care, along with yearly AIDS testing for everyone. Anyone who receives any subsidy for Obamacare premiums will be required to submit.

Also on the employment side, companies will begin to discriminate against hiring anyone who fails a tobacco test just like current tests for illegal drugs.

We're the government, we're here to help, all we need from you to do that is your freedom.

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