November 20, 2012

Youtube and Twitter Allowing Declared Foreign Terrorist Group to Use its Services

National Counter Terrorism Center:

The US Government has designated HAMAS as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

HAMAS has a paramilitary arm, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, which, beginning in the 1990s, has conducted many anti-Israeli attacks in Israel and the Palestinian territories. These have included large-scale terrorist bombings against Israeli civilian targets, as well as small-arms attacks, improvised roadside explosives, and the launching of rockets into Israel.


Update: As for the removed video, yeah that was me ;-)

Here's some more selected from the user linked above.

You know what to do kids.

Update II: Attn: Youtube user kadkadkadkadooo.



Thanks to all you Jawa Terminators.

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