November 18, 2012

Full Circle: LGF Now Defending Palliwood

It's not laughable as much as it is sad. You'll notice just how elaborate a scenario has to be constructed to try and make a plausible case for this not being a case of Palliwood fakery. It reminds me of a 9/11 Truther "debunking".

Something about Occam's razor comes to mind.

The saddest part? Read the comments in which CJ seems to take the position that since the wingnuts made the discovery then , well, you can't trust those people.

I wonder if the irony escapes him, even when it's this thick?

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Update by Howie: Despite LGF's spin and obfuscation even Anderson Cooper at CNN has run a retraction.

I'm sure Charles Johnson will respond with an explanation showing us how Anderson Cooper's right wing homophobic bigotry is incorrect.

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