November 16, 2012

A Bleg for the Rockaways

OK, I'm fed up.

Andrew Cuomo and President Obama need to stop with the photo ops. Its obvious the NY National Guard is over taxed in this area.

You mean to tell me that we can supply our own portable power to all our forces in Iraq for years and we can't get help for these folks? Begeebus!

They need us to get the Corps of Engineers and more portable power generation, heavy equipment, electricians and portable housing into that area now. December is right around the corner. Power it block by block, room by room if we have to.

They need the code inspectors and bureaucrats to GTF out of the way. They need to improvise house by house and get what we can working as fast as we can, piecemeal. A damaged house with power and heat in only the kitchen is better than none at all. Hell those kids at Occupy are doing a better job than the damned bureaucrats and that's saying something.

Get our resources on site and work directly with the people who need it and get something done. However temporary. Its time to stop fucking around at the FEMA tent and get down and dirty with this thing.

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