November 15, 2012

More on Media's Israel Double Standard

Two quick hits on the way the media treats Israel vs. the way it treats Palestinians.

First, a note on the way the #1 liberal news outlet on the internet, The Huffington Post, does antisemetism:

Today, HuffPost apparently decided that it is going to once again do Hamas's PR, by depicting graphic photos of weepy Palestinians who were (supposedly) victimized by a Nazi-like Jewish state ---
...yet completely ignore the three Jews who were murdered by Hamas's rockets overnight.
And how about the Associated Press?
Associated Press coverage of the incident referred to Israel's pinpoint air strike as an "assassination," described it as a resumption of "Israel's policy of assassinating Palestinian militant leaders," pointed out that "Israeli aircraft have previously assassinated the previous commander of Hamas' military wing," and noted that "Israeli officials had said that they were considering assassinating top Hamas officials following a wave of rocket fire."

One might think AP's style book calls for describing such attacks assassinations. But the wire service has a whole different standard when it comes to U.S. drone strikes that so frequently target terrorists in Yemen and Afghanistan.

It goes on from there to show a whole bunch of statistics that whenever the Israelis kill a terrorist, it's an "assassination". But when the US kills a terrorist, it's a "targeted killing".

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