November 15, 2012

Muslim Taxi Driver Claims Self Defense at Trial For Running Down Six in UK

The Beeb:

Majid Rehman, 28, of Grangetown, Cardiff, is accused of deliberately using his taxi to run over six rail workers and two other pedestrians.

Mr Rehman told the court he drove towards the men on 27 March after being attacked by them on the rank outside Cardiff central railway station.

I don't remember driving onto the pavement and I don't know why I did it”

The court heard that Mr Rehman told police officers at the scene: "No-one drives at people for nothing.

"They assaulted me and it was in self-defence."

On the bright side, apparently a couple of the men were still in good enough shape to apprehend Rehman.
After the crash I was pulled out of the taxi by some of the railway gang and they kicked and stamped on my head.
Don't you just love a story with a happy ending?

Hat Tip: Bare Naked Islam.

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