November 14, 2012

America is Islamaphobic for Taking Baby Away from Convicted Terrorist

Did I also mention the baby in question was being taken by the convicted terrorist to Somalia? But according to this Left Wing rag, the fact that Zach Chesser's wife -- the women who agreed to let her child be taken to Somalia as cover for her husband so he could sneak out of the USA and join the al Qaeda linked al Shabaab terrorists -- wasn't given custody is a sign of ..... wait for it .....


Also on Truth-Out's list of Islamophobic things?
The Patriot Act.
The Jawa Report.
The Innocence of Muslims YouTube trailer.
Killing Osama bin Laden.
Arresting Nidal Malik Hasan for his act of civil disobedience at Ft. Hood.
The Easter Bunny.
George Will.

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