November 14, 2012

Malik Zulu Shabazz Criticizes Obama

The Blaze

But despite the seeming ringing, and racial, endorsement, Shabazz did have some “serious disappointments” about Obama, particularly over his foreign policy decisions. The Chairman said that the bombing of Libya is really where Obama lost his support this time around:
“I did not vote for a black man to bomb Africa. The only people I’ve seen him bombing are black and brown people. I haven’t seen him kill one white man yet, through the United States military and his executive powers as commander-in-chief. Sorry about that. And if you’re not willing to criticize Mr. Obama then you need to get out of politics.”

Sing it with me!

Update: After thinking of this a bit further, and I can see that Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder had the same thought, Shabazz is like totally wrong.

Chris Stevens was liked a totally pasty white dude and also he was gay. Which since the election makes him a double oppressed minority. But I can see why Shabazz might not have noticed at first.

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