November 14, 2012

A Tired old Big Government Czar Offers a Tired Old Solution

Former somebody William Bennett on how Republicans must move forward.


For the past 50 years liberals have had majority control of the character-forming institutions. If the national dialogue stays on their terms -- gender, race, ethnicity, class -- Republicans will continue to lose.

We must counter the discourse and speak and educate in terms of family, faith, freedom, principle, values, work, country, community, improvement, growth, and equality of opportunity. No longer can the Republican Party be solely the party of business. Who controls the terms of discussion, dialogue, and education controls the country and, therefore, the election.

All very nice words Mr. Bennett, the problem is that I personally don't feel you are really for the values you put in the last part of your editorial.

You were for a government that was powerful enough enforce your moralism over the public, hell you were instrumental in making the Federal government as powerful as any communist government on earth when it was in your hands. Now that government is in the hands of people who really are socialists. Your solution is to say we just have to sell our values better? Values you didn't adhere to when you had the chance.

Ironically enough Reagan pointed out that ""A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." In the same way a government that is big enough to enforce your moralism over states that really don't want it, that government is also big enough to take everything you have. A government powerful enough to override your faith, freedom, principle, values, work, country and community.

Mr. Bennett you sold out the values this nation was founded on long ago. Now that power is in the hands of big government neo-communists. But you were never against that power, you just wanted that same power in your hands.

Now America is changed forever and there's not a damned thing we can do about it. That is the end result of your policies sir, the end result of you not trusting the people with their freedom.

So you know what you can do with your nicely worded editorial Mr. Bennett? I think you do, although you would support a Federal ban on that as well.

Update: Just let me point out, I'm not against the values of social conservatives. I adhere to and support many of those same values. Though I'm sure we'd disagree on a few issues, that is to be expected. But these are issues that are best addressed at the state level or even better, in my opinion, by putting them into practice in our private lives, not by force of law.

Now of course there are common sense things that should be enforced by law such as when someone violates personal property and rights. You know, like raping stealing and murdering. Outside of those and basic common sense regulations that's it.

I mean who can be against stop signs or we all drive on one side of the road. But otherwise personal choices should be just that, personal choices.

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