November 13, 2012

#Occupy Portland Leader Talks About His "Big Fat A**" and Exposing Himself at Family Event

Occupy, the darlings of the democrats and the bronco bama administration:

Dateline November 13, 2012 - On the one year anniversary of the de-Occupation of Occupy Portland, we caught up with leader Wade Varner. As he tries to zip away in his scooter the reporter, thankfully in jogging shoes, tries to keep pace. Varner answers questions about having exposed himself at a family friendly Occupy event. He talks about his "big fat ass," his ability to walk, his military record, greedy union bosses and a number of other topics. He issues a thinly veiled threat. After dropping the F-Bomb (if it's good enough for the President so it's good enough for him) he zips off to an urget appointment which shortly thereafter seems to be non-existent. Well ... I'm sure he's needed someplace.
File this under, appropriately, Assmaggots.

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