November 13, 2012

This Cancer Thing is Becoming a Real Pain

As you all recall Zilla's been having problems with it, I'm just about half way recovered from my cancer surgery, by the way thanks again for all the support.

But my prognosis is good so far, knock on wood.

Today Zilla brings us news that Amusing Bunni has been diagnosed with Terminal Liver cancer.

She’s going to need help finding resources for assistance quickly, so if you are familiar with charitable organizations in her area, please let her know about them or let me know and I’ll pass the information along. Bunni lives with her adorable cat (the one in all those delightful videos) and we are going to need to help her make arrangements for Kittenkins’ care when that becomes necessary.

Please pray for Amusing Bunni and help her in any way that you can.

So please stop in and show your support and if you can help out a little or a lot please do.

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