November 13, 2012

Sandcrawler PSA: How to Properly Go Galt During the Zombie Apocalypse

The John Galt Line:

Going Galt is the term coined from Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, where one goes on strike, removing one’s self and one’s production from the perpetuation of a collectivist society. Given the outcome of the 2012 election and that Americans have voted themselves into a fully entitlement society, a nanny state where government takes care of their every need, it is time to deny the destroyers and the looters your assets, including your mind.

It means starving the beast.

So how to you starve the beast in reality world? The folks over at Reaganite Republican have some good ideas:

1. Buy used or new via secondary markets. Use Craigslist to find new stuff at less than retail… and you pay no taxes into the system.

2. Contribute to the secondary market by having a yard sale, you’ve probably got tons of junk you haven’t even seen in years.

3. Forget status symbols and keeping-up-with-the-Jones’. Maybe you can afford that nice new car, but you’ll pay A TON of taxes on it. Find a lesser vehicle that makes you happy that feeds the beast less, perhaps one bartered from within the family.

Well I guess those are OK but.

So why take advice from Russian? No one knows more about Going Galt than Russian, see I'm even starting to talk like Russian. Besides, we all comrades now, no?

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